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May 22, 2012

Exploding Barrels: Fetch Quests at The Escapist

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Written by: Hilary Goldstein
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Fetch quests might seem annoying to you, but they are vital to creating realism in games. That’s right; The Legend of Zelda is one of the most realistic game series ever. And it’s because it makes you do menial tasks, just like in real life.

The skies are black and an ominous shadow lingers over the once peaceful land of wherever the hell your hero lives. The Dark Lord has come (or is coming) and you must stop him. For whatever reason, you are the only one in your world who can hope to put an end to tyranny, keep babies from being eaten, and restore the sky to its natural hue. The people of this world can help you in this task – but first, could you possibly deliver this note to the next-door neighbor?

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Exploding Barrels @ The Escapist

I have a new weekly column at The Escapist, Exploding Barrels. Each week I take on a different gaming trope and give reasonable excuses as to why it exists in the game. It's (hopefully) funny.
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